Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gun shops worry about keeping up with demand

This is out of Indiana as reported by the AP today:
Indiana gun shops are still seeing more buyers come through the doors, with some businesses worried about not being able to keep up with demand.

Some store owners attribute some of the demand to lingering concerns over a possible push by President Barack Obama for tougher gun-control laws but also the popularity of television reality shows such as "Top Shot" that feature weapons and sharpshooting.

Elmore's Firearms owner Jason Elmore told the Indianapolis Business Journal that he's facing trouble getting some weapons and ammunition for his Greenwood store.

"We're starting to get shortages of stuff again, so it's pushed people into a supply-and-demand situation," Elmore said. "They're just buying whatever they can buy right now."
Yeah, the only message as always with the image (a button created by the students at Harlan Community Academy High School - GO FALCONS) you see in the left hand corner of this post is that your gun rights must be handled with the best of care. A gun can end a life, let's not lose sight of that. Besides a good thing about the increase in gun sales in Indiana at least is that people are taking training classes.

That's a great idea anyway. Can't have people out their discharging their firearms without knowing exactly what they are doing. That's never smart anyway.

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