Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Greg Hinz: Herding cats: Can anyone lead America anymore?

The Crain's Chicago Business political reporter has this to say about the current fiscal crisis out of Washington:
Having just spent two weeks out of the country, watching my IRA again melt away with the latest stock market gyrations, has indeed put some things in perspective. It's reminded me of things I knew, but highlighted them.

Things like how evenly and truly divided this country really is on things that count. And how, unless we as a country somehow resolve those differences and work out our differences, we'll head the way of Greece, Italy and Spain, some of the places I happened to visit.
So what are those differences? On cuts and spending; business climate with jobs and business expansion; what to do with our entitlement programs; and finally immigration.

You should read Hinz' piece but do you think anyone can lead America?

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