Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something Strange Afoot in the Obama Campaign

This piece argues that Obama wants to pull an LBJ. What exactly does that mean?
It’s enough to make a person wonder if — with the President’s approval numbers now at an all time low — there’s an escape plan being hatched for the 44th President.

Consider Obama’s remarks in June on the Today Show when he said his family is “not invested” in a second term. He told the interviewer “If I said, you know guys, I want to do something different, they’d be fine with that.”

Realize that everything that is said in interviews is planned and rehearsed in the White House. Nothing is just off- the- cuff in White House interviews. The same is true with White House spokespeople.

So consider what Obama’s campaign spokesperson (and former press secretary) Robert Gibbs said this month. On the same day that Obama’s approval numbers dipped to their lowest, Gibbs said Obama is “quite comfortable” being a one-term president in order to address issues he is concerned about.
Here comes the comparison:

No President who is campaigning for reelection suggests – or has his spokespeople suggest – that he doesn’t need another term. Can you remember another President, in the midst of a reelection, suggesting that he doesn’t need another term?

There is only one – President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Which raises several questions: Could Barack Obama be planning to pull a Lyndon Johnson and say he will not run nor will he accept nomination for another term? Could he tell the nation that he has accomplished what he wanted to accomplish in passing his Health Care program and now wants to step down to do other things? Could he be planning an honorable exit rather than face defeat in November 2012? Could his approval numbers be so low that he has become unelectable and toxic for the entire Democratic slate? Is there a move afoot to have him step down and name a new Presidential candidate?
There are pieces out there, though unsure of the validity that suggests that the President isn't happy in the office. I shouldn't be surprised why pursue something that really isn't for you? Or at least why attempt to stick around?

If it's true that Obama doesn't want to seek re-election, this race is now WIDE open!

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