Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Update on the Corliss scuffle

Between a security guard and a student from today's Sun-Times...
The mother of a Corliss High freshman filed a complaint with the Office of Professional Standards on Monday, charging that an off-duty police officer mistreated her son at Corliss in an incident partly captured on video.
Griffin said the Police Department needs to know about Bell's actions or "he could do it to somebody's child off the street.''

Officials said Corliss has suspended Shaquille Griffin for initiating the altercation with security, being out of uniform, and showing gang affiliation by tilting his hat and shouting gang slogans.

Shaquille Griffin said his hat wasn't tilted and he wasn't yelling any gang slogans. "I ain't even in no gang,'' said Shaquille Griffin, who contends Bell started the fracas.

Tamika Griffin said Corliss is accusing her son of wearing red and black gang colors, yet says he shouted slogans of a gang whose color is blue. "It doesn't make any sense,'' she said.
BTW, I saw the video of said altercation last night and I must warn you that the language is rough. I had saved it in my del.icio.us links but for this post I embed this video.

Well I know that young students can try these security guards. It certainly does happen since young people may not know or perhaps care where the lines are drawn sometimes you gotta let them know they crossed it, unfortunately. Still I wonder if most of this was called for and that this student in question wasn't doing anything to warrant this treatment. I suppose all I can say right now is that I don't really know that for sure right now.

BTW, I got this video from the Catalyst's District 299 blog.

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