Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Filing day was yesterday

For those of you aching to get on the ballot. If you started yesterday it was too late for you anyway since it requires you to fill the petitions with signatures. That has to take nothing less than months of hardwork though there is a set time for you start circulating petitions.

So the Capitol Fax Blog this morning is making a big deal about yesterday. He has reported some of his findings in two of his posts today here and here. But the biggest deal has to be the Green Party since in the gubernatorial election last year they did well enough to warrant being considered a major party in the state.

A couple of this I noticed in the Capitol Fax post about Green Party filings yesterday was that there are some Green Party committeeman filings in many of the black wards around the city. And yes I'm referring to the 9th, 7th, 6th, 5th, and 24th. Three on the south side and 1 on the west side.

I've also noticed that in the third ward Dorothy Tillman doesn't appear to have filed for her 3rd Ward Committeeman's seat. So there will be a change there. So was see her aldermanic replacement, the one who defeated Tillman in the run-off Pat Dowell seeking to take her place but running against her is Kenneth Dunkin who is a state Rep up that way.

BTW, I have also noticed the 49th ward. The 49th Ward Blogging Crew aren't satified with their representation on the city council. One blog The Bench while complaining about the Democratic organization up there have taken aim at the Republican committeeman who still asked for help in circulating petitions that would have only required 16 signatures. Tom Mannis while he declared he wasn't going to run for that position, he should be concerned about the fact that someone has gathered 16 or more signatures againt the incumbent Republicam Committeeman.

The only thing about some of these committeeman out there is that as far as the Republicans go there aren't many that are visibile. Not even on the internet and even then they might need to be more visibile than that. I would imagine that in a heavily Democratic city like Chicago it's hard to convince people to vote for another party. It would certainly take some voter anger for that to happen wouldn't it.

Anyway, just some observations in anticipation of next year being a Presidential election year.

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