Monday, November 05, 2007

The State Of . . .: Disagreeing With Our Parents, Politically

I wanted to write about this post from The State of... on Friday. This happens to everybody I'm sure. You may not share the same views as your parents. I know that I don't necessarily share the same views as mine.

I know one thing I wouldn't necessarily agree with my parents on the issues of public schools, health care, or any other social program out there. My mother for sure would suggest that we should have these programs in place because there are those who aren't very future oriented. They don't plan for the future but they go from day-to-day with regards to their lives.

People aren't future oriented but I don't necessarily agree that everyone else should pay for it. I can always hope that people will learn eventually if the social safety net was taken away from them, but I don't know about that totally. Besides all I can do is worry about me.

That's all I can do. While I could worry about what everybody else is doing out there, I ultimately still have to worry about myself. The problems of self, I would imagine, is probably better than worrying about the problems of everybody else.

Still I liked this part of the post from The State of...

Every now and then, though, I say something that stumps him. We were talking the other day about his parents' (my grand-parents') marital relationship. They had 5 children and a sometimes stormy relationship, but they stuck it out and raised their family well. I told him, "Nowadays, your Mom would have just left and been a poor, struggling single mother with 5 kids. That's what 'no fault' divorce did." Silence in response . . . his jaw drops slightly and his eyebrow furrows. "You know, I never thought about that.

Gotcha, Dad.

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