Saturday, March 03, 2018

YouTube channel to watch

[VIDEO] One of the reasons I became interested in model trains again was the many videos on YouTube featuring model trains. Jim Zimmerlin has over 100K subscribers to his channel because he shared videos of his G-scale trains and he's into cruises. Zimmerlin's most recent videos have been about cruise ships he's traveled on or even about to travel on.

If I was serious about my YouTube channel it would mostly be along the same lines. It would share my interests particularly travel or model trains. I've been trying to find some footage that I had shot on my iPhone of my trip in 2016 to California. Perhaps it's time invest in a real camcorder and then familiarize myself with some video editing equipment.

Of course I have thought about doing videos that were more political in nature, but as it so happens. Politics is important however so are developing hobbies outside of politics. This can include photography, videography and model trains.

Meanwhile I recommend you subscribe to Jim Zimmerlin perhaps after he's done doing videos of cruise ships and his cruises, he'll start posting more about his model trains.

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