Friday, March 02, 2018

California dreams...

[VIDEO] When I was much younger and only after my first visit to California during the late 1980s, I began to have the Golden State dreams. Who can beat the palm trees and the nice weather although they also have earthquakes on occasion. This was the state that birth many innovations and besides this is where Silicon Valley is located.

Now at that point in the 80s I don't think I'd have a clue other than the weather why California should be a destination for permanent residence. There was no concept of the types of jobs that would be available for me out there. I did dream of making it in Hollywood, however, in those days no one would've told me how hard it would be. It's hard breaking into entertainment although many do and they start off humble. Also let's not forget about Silicon Valley.

Then in recent years California now has a bum rap - though these days quite literally as shown in this segment of The Five where Greg Gutfeld comments on the most populous state in our union. Now I've gotten a taste of it on my most recent visit to California where I spent more time than I cared to in Skid Row, Los Angeles. It's often been said thanks to the nice weather the homeless will flock to California.

Of course my conclusions formed by what I see in the media is that California is plagued by bad government. The state has been dominated by progressive politicians for at least a decade and perhaps embarked on disastrous policies that created an oversized homeless population depicted in this segment. Also California is pushing back against President Trump's attempts to further enforce immigration policies, and let's not forget they have also doubled down on the idea of being a sanctuary state.

All the same there is a saying and you can apply this anywhere voters get the governments that they deserve. If you vote in people who promote essentially regressive policies you got the government you deserve. Here's hoping in the near future California can make some essential changes . California is an important state population wise and economically, I'm sure someone there wants to find a way to keep it there.

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