Monday, January 12, 2015

Allegations against Cosby

The allegations against comedian Bill Cosby has been nothing new. The allegations have been out there for years, but they've come back to the forefront near the end of 2014. This time it seems much different.

Today I saw an article from his TV wife Phylicia Rashad who came out in support of Cosby. She believes there is a concerted effort to hurt Cosby and get him off of TV. Indeed, Cosby's groundbreaking sitcom of which Rashad and Cosby were leads have been taken off the air as a result.

Another related story Keshia Knight Pulliam - who played Cosby's TV daughter - had been fired from celebrity Apprentice by Donald as she didn't want to call her TV dad for a donation. She believed it was inappropriate as she hasn't maintained constant contact with Cosby. Of course it's unrelated to the charges against him although she did answer some questions about it later.

For the most part, I've striven to remain neutral. I'm not sure where the truth lies although right now this is something of a media sensation. A media sensation that has taken The Cosby Show off the air and Cosby was forced to resign from Temple University's board or even the indefinite suspension of an endowed chair over at Spelman

Some of the people who have come out recently are names we may have heard from. For example model Beverly Johnson, model Janice Dickinson, and actress Michelle Hurd has come out and alleged that Cosby sexually assaulted them.

Again, I wish I knew where the truth lies. It seems for the moment there are people who either believe Cosby did the deed or not. It seems someone as Ms. Rashad who did support Cosby and seemed to have dismissed the women who claimed they were assault took a beating for her comments.

Still, hopefully one day the truth will come out. Perhaps we'll eventually know what happened with these women and Cosby. In the meanwhile, while the news gains traction Cosby will continue to have his reputation beaten up.

As he apparently had at the Golden Globes, YIKES. And here's a timeline of allegations I just found.

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