Friday, January 16, 2015

#Smackdown is now on Thursday nights

[VIDEO] This is where the show originally started anyway back on this ancient network known only as UPN - the home of Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Enterprise, Moesha, Girlfriends, and seemingly other forms of ethnic/racial themed programming.

Regardless, I'm suffering through some form of withdrawals as I'm missing this tradition although well I saw the show last night. So how is it there is an urge on my part to change to its current home SyFy? And also moving to Friday nights was a relatively recent event not sure when it started but as stated it was often aired on Thursday nights for most of its history.

Either way, going through withdrawals I've just now find this video which you're able to find at WWE's YouTube channel which showed the many superstars who wrestled before they became famous. This includes Mick Foley, the Hardy Boys, and even Dean Ambrose.

A cool look back and makes up for not having Smackdown on Friday nights.

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