Thursday, April 04, 2013

Well actually you don't need a college degree for a cashier's job at McDonald's

An update to an earlier post also found on Instapundit. It turns out that job listing for Micky Ds was erroneous.
Good news for teenage job seekers: You don’t really need a college degree to work at a Massachusetts McDonald’s.

A report buzzing around the Internet Thursday claimed the McDonald’s restaurant in Winchendon had posted an opening for a cashier position that said applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and two years experience.

No, they do not.

“We do not require a bachelor’s degree for employment,” said Joe Ruscito, owner of the Winchendon fast-food outlet, in a statement. “My organization is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse work force.”

The bogus posting for the McDonald’s position was listed by an independent job search site called A spokesman for the site’s owner, VHMnetwork LLC, confirmed the posting contained inaccurate information.
Well young people, continue searching and PLEASE stay in school.

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