Sunday, December 09, 2012

Reason: LP Candidate Bruce Majors vs. D.C.'s One-Party System

[VIDEO] So there are Libertarians in our nation's capital and at that some of them may well be Black. Well a man named Bruce Majors ran against longtime DC Congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Anyway, this is an interesting conversation Majors has with Nick Gillespie. To start Majors was able to garner enough votes for the DC Libertarian Party to become a major party in the nations capitols effectively joining at least the Republicans and the Democrats through 2016.

DC is not unlike Illinois in that primary voters have a closed system meaning that you must register or ask for the ballot of a specific party before casting a ballot. In fact at my other blog - The Sixth Ward - I had posted an editorial which calls for an open primary in this state. To be sure, it seems unlikely to come to pass but one idea who's time has come.

Anyway this is one way those fabled Black Libertarians can answer the call to let the world know that they exist! Hopefully Mr. Majors is able to pursue and gain such supporters.

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