Monday, April 23, 2012

Should this blog have a new title?

I've thought about changing the name of this blog. Is it time to dump the title It's My Mind?

If only I could work in pundit as a suffix of sorts. Indeed I can follow the trend of many bloggers who may well have started their blogs in the wake of the early success of Instapundit. Of course in naming this blog I was very much unaware of that trend back in 2005!

Yeah so needless to say the name of this blog wasn't particularly clever. It may well have not indicated the typical subject matter of this blog which is primarily politics. Although this is MY blog of course and in owning this space in the "bloggosphere" it is for me to do with as I please.

As a blogmaster that's going to continue to be my plan, but sometimes there may be a time for a change. Should that title change come soon or should things around here stay as is? What say you?

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