Friday, April 20, 2012

VIDEO: The making of "jive talk" from Airplane!

[VIDEO] When I was much younger we got cable for the first time. Whenever I was watching HBO or Showtime, I just plain couldn't get away from this movie. It always had me on the floor but this was a very adult movie that went over my head.

For example there was a scene where the doctor played by Leslie Nielson appeared to be giving a woman an abortion right on the aircraft. All I knew about this scene back in the day was that well a woman's barefeet was held up in the air by some medical equipment. Although this is a set-up surely you would find at an OB/GYN's office.

This particular scene was a case of racial humor. This is a take-off on "Ebonics" although that term didn't exist yet. Basically they wrote lines for two of the Black actors in this movie to talk the Black slang and make it out to be a foreign language. Believe me I didn't understand what they were saying without the translation provided.

As they interviewed the actors to talk about their lines years after the fact, they even provided a "jive talk" translation for them as they were speaking in plain English. Hilarious!

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