Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seems to be a lot of focus on Alabama political ads lately

I found this ad for Les Philip who's running for US Congress in Alabama's 5th District. You can read some more history about what's going on in this race here! You can watch the other two interesting Alabama ads here as well.

Ah the hell with it, how about seeing that gun-toting ex-Marine who's running for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner!

I wish somehow Illinois pols could use an ad like this unfortunately this could only work downstate and even that may be pushing it. A statewide candidate I doubt could ever get away with such an ad unfortunately. I have to like the cowboy motif and the Western like music of this ad. Almost reminds me of this old courtroom show known as Texas Justice. The music almost matches up with that.

Oh yeah I forgot about the editing and that southern drawl!

Found this Les Philip ad through a link via Instapundit!

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