Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I wonder if you notice how I type Black Hawks

I just felt like answering a question to something no one may notice but I'm sure wants to ask if they did.

It's my way of being retro. That's why in showing the Black Hawks logo I may be more apt to find a retro version of the Indian Head logo. The one above for instance and the one below.
Anyway looking up Black Hawks history it wasn't until 1986 that you see Blackhawks. From Wikipedia:
In 1985–86, while going through the team's records, someone discovered the team's original NHL contract, and found that the name "Blackhawks" was printed as a compound word as opposed to two separate words ("Black Hawks") which was the way most sources had been printing it for 60 years and as the team had always officially listed it. The name officially became "Chicago Blackhawks" from that point on.
Well there ya go, but in some respects I really like going retro. While the Black Hawks want to keep things official I think that I would like to keep them two separate words. And continue to use the old-style Indian head logos in addition to the current iteration of the Indian head seen below.
A few days ago when Marathon Pundit noted the success of the Black Hawks in this year's playoffs could again capture the attention of that American Indian groups who believe any sports teams' usage of American Indian images could be considered racist.

Although I think in the case of the Black Hawks they more or less honor American Indians more than any other team. The other one could be the University of Illinois as they are named for the Illini, a native Illinois tribe. Unfortunately UIllinois have had to put their mascot Chief Illiniwek to rest.

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