Friday, June 15, 2007

Dentist appeals suspension in girl's death

Remember fall last year it was in the news that a little girl made a visit to the dentist and she was to get some caps on her teeth and for that she had to be sedated. Sadly she never made it out of her sedated state and she was on life support until the plug was pulled. A very sad story.

Last year when the news broke I blogged about it almost three days straight. Then another update almost a month after that. Today another update by the Chicago Tribune...
A Chicago dentist filed a lawsuit Thursday to try to overturn a state ruling that suspended his dental license for a minimum of 18 months after the death of a 5-year-old patient.

Dr. Hicham K. Riba alleges that the state Department of Financial and Professional Regulation "was influenced by the media" in its handling of the case, relied on improper expert testimony and made other errors, according to the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

Department officials could not be reached Thursday for comment.

The department's suspension, issued last month, was harsher than the six-month license suspension recommended earlier this year by the Illinois Board of Dentistry.

Riba is also challenging rulings that suspended his pediatric dentistry specialty license for at least three years and his controlled-substance license for five years.
I wonder how long was the suspension if it wasn't the recommended six months. Perhaps I should find that out. Anyway here are links to previous stories I did here.

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