Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The continuing story regarding the girl who died after her visit to the dentist.

I want to start off with the story I'm sure many of you are familiar with. I blogged about this story three times here. The story about the little girl (Diamond Brownridge aged 5) who died after her visit to the dentist. This story from today's Sun-Times makes this case even sadder.

All we know was that the girl was put under sedation and her mother was required to leave the room. Then when the procedure was over and she never came out of sedation then there was problems. This girl didn't want her mommy to leave the room, she was crying, kicking and screaming at which point even a man who was only there to fix a door was enlisted to help restain this 5 year old girl.

This came from the testimony in a license suspension hearing of a worker in dentist Dr. Hicham Riba's practice. Dr. Riba's license was suspended on Sept 29th, two days after Diamond Brownridge died on life support. Here's more...

Dental assistant Maribel Robles said Brownridge's mother told the girl to close her eyes and go to sleep.

But the girl cried, kicked and screamed after her mother left the room, and so was given more anesthetic.
The girl later slipped into a coma after being given four times as much anesthetic as is recommended for a child her size, the state's expert witnesses have said.
On Wednesday the dentist is going to give his side of the story. But I think there is a point to be made here...

Riba's lawyers are expected to argue that suspension of his license is an over-reaction to heavy media coverage of the girl's death.
But this story just got sadder, to say the least.

Oh yeah I've linked to plenty of articles about this story on digg.

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