Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chicago Videobloggers

First off I've written a few items on videoblogging and this is a concept that interests me. So on top of that I have some news. I've bumped up a couple of old posts on videoblogging. There was a videoblogging presentation at the Apple Store on North Michigan Ave this past Saturday. I just saw some video of it today thanks to Limeblog.

I couldn't make it, I would have like to have learned something but oh well. I'll catch this later one. If I was to ever do it, it would very much be a show about nothing, but I have a few more loftier goals than that. I set up another blog to really play around with this concept. I would do it here except what I can come up with to show on here wouldn't fit in with this idea of this being a current events/political blog. If I do video for this blog it would have to be based on that concept.

For me to be more serious I need to post more videos than I'm really able at the moment. I have dial up at home hence the little joke about me starting up some funds so I can get donations here. I have to upgrade my internet connection from dial-up to broadband. Unfortunately it is not realistic for me at this time. I do have the luxury of a high speed network at school but I can't depend on it forever. If only Chicago had something like Node 101 that has been advertised in New York and San Antonio, TX.

If you might be interested heres a couple of sites if you are in the Midwest and particularly Chicago...

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