Sunday, November 20, 2005


UPDATE: Just to get some more blogs that I like out there. The first two I ever advertised on my blog. From May 3rd, 2005.

On Wikipedia I found this most intersting of phenomenas. The typicaly blog may contain an individual's blabberings about issues and life. It's mainly types with a smatter of photography. There may be blogs dedicated to photos (hence the term photoblogging) and then there are those who are able to record audio entries. The I discover videoblogging.

Of course there is an example of this a lot more easier to run into that I ever imagined. Besides it wasn't until fairly recently that I even found out what a blog was. It seems like the greatest attempt to take back our media to date. Thanks to this electronic revolution we need not depend on a major publication or a major media outlet to publish our point of view. Or at the very least tell us what to think. So there are actually those of use taking journalism and opinion back to the grassroots.

Thanks to Evan Coyne Maloney (btw he also has a Wikipedia entry), I figured out that the big story need not come from a major media outlet. All that needs to happen is to have one of us everyday folk go out take a camera or whatever tool you may have and make a record of this story. This is what Evan did at peace march in New York in 2003. His effort hasn't gone unrewarded he's gotten more his on his site the past couple of years than he did when he started his site in 2001 (just before 9/11 you should see his material surrounding the event). Also he is working on a feature length documentary as well his video work on the internet may lead to bigger and better projects in the future God willing.

In any case I'm impressed with those who are engaged in video blogging and to be sure, I've found of couple of blogs which has sparked my interest in this. To be sure this is one of many ways of taking back our media and putting the views of ordinary people out there, but this is as in your face as one can get. I may post more about videologging later. In the meanwhile I'll let you guy have a look at what I've seen a little bit of. They are a couple of video bloggers who I've syndicated using an RSS feed.

Steve Garfield
Ryanne's Video Blog

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