Thursday, February 17, 2005

Spike Lee on Founder's Day

Spike Lee a graduate of Morehouse College class of 1979 came to speak to the students today at the Convocation commemorating the 138th Anniversary of the founding of Morehouse College. I wanted to share some of the good points he made. Also want to share that he had a lineage at this school and at Morehouse's sister school Spelman College, in which his grandparents and parents are a part of.

His grandmother still is around at 99 years old. He also credits his grandmother with helping him with school and on his movie projects. He also said that his wife who never went to Spelman wants to send his daughter elsewhere, but since she is only 10 years old, there is plenty of time to decided where she'll go (of course she'll decide for herself ultimately).

Finally he came out and said that there were too many business majors at Morehouse. We need more students in the arts. Then he went to say we need more entrepreneurs (he said Morehouse has become the farm system for Fortune 500 companies). With this in mind his main message was do what's in your heart. Don't look at money just find out what you'd like to do. He also mentioned that there were many guys who made this mistake and they're divorce, balding, fat, otherwise generally unhappy because they made the wrong choices in their careers.

Also he mentioned there will be a School Daze 2. He's working on a script. The original School Daze was filmed in Atlanta and the school at which it is based Mission College is fictious, with which he gave a smile. The original dealt with a lot issues present at many historically black colleges mainly social issues regarding skin color and fraternities and sororities. He mentioned on specific scene in School Daze where a group of young men went to a Kentucky Fried Chicken. This goes on to his next point, don't leave behind those who haven't been blessed.

In any case there was nothing political here on this day, but I enjoyed this presentation. There is something from this program that I'd like to opine on, but I'll just have to wait until tomorrow. I need to give myself some time to do some research. ;)


potatowned said...

messed up on the other one...

Don't look at money just find out what you'd like to do.What if what you like to do it strategizing and making money?

I'm sorry, but Mr. Lee is a tool and I'd not have attended the presentation if I were you.

warriorjason said...

I'm sure Mr Lee makes millions of dollars so I guess it is easy for him to tell other students not to just to want to make money. Good on him though for giving back to the community.

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