Friday, November 02, 2018

Kanye West distances himself from #Blexit

You know, I probably shouldn't be surprised. Kanye West I do remember claimed years ago after hurricane Katrina that the President George W. Bush doesn't care about Black people. It was a bit of a leap for me to believe all the sudden West trended to the right in politics. [VIDEO]

To which I say good for West to stand up for his newly found beliefs. No one should just boil him down to being a left-winger just because not only he's Black but he's also an entertainer. Of course there in lies the problem he's an entertainer and for the most part I see that those who are part of that world seem to have a dogmatic political view. That view being often left.

We don't have to go far to see where that leads us. It's been years since I have watched late night TV but I've been hearing how CBS' Late Show host Stephen Colbert often seems to say harsh things about President Trump. It's not that he's totally against Trump as it's his right to oppose him and certainly Colbert has the platform to do so. The problem is that the jokes Colbert tells about the President is often an attack and often very personal.

I would imagine most who watch a comedy show wants to laugh. And sometimes political satire is funny, but what if the political satire is often against only one side of the aisle? Sometimes it's funny to take on both sides and SNL in 2016 showed what they could do. However, often SNL shows where their political slant lies also.

Well anyway with West and he's still a young guy he still has to play the game in Hollywood. So now he must distance himself from politics. It's funny how he creates a "Blexit" fashion line only to turn around and backoff. Then I realize how all over the place Kanye can be. A guy who claimed a Republican president years ago doesn't care about Black people then supports another Republican president years later. And yes I get it often people evolve even politically, but then I see Kanye as going from one extreme to another. Could anyone trust someone like that?

And on the other hand a social media political star in Candace Owens - whom I've occasionally followed and has made many appearances on FOX News - well she's using West. West's eyes are open to whatever it was she was doing. Yet he designed some logos for this "movement". Hmmmmm.

Anyway I hope Owens and others realize how unreliable West can be.

BTW, I want to learn more about "blexit". I like how movements can be boiled down to a simple and marketable social media hashtag. And perhaps in the future this is how we can get Black America to consider other options political other than liberalism/leftism/progressivism. Especially in light of the many issues in urban communities especially.

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