Wednesday, November 08, 2017

One year ago...

The American version of "Brexit" happened. Trump's ascension to the White House is seen as something of a populist uprising in America. Especially an uprising of these white working class voters whom Donald Trump began to attract.

The themes were to secure our border - which has been said by a small amount of Republicans especially and we hear it through Trump. Another theme was bring back these manufacturing jobs which is something I'm not sure is achievable, however, Americans were good at making products and perhaps we need to get back to that. Drain the swamp is something I can agree with for sure. Let's not forget about immigration putting up a wall on the Mexican border and vetting who is coming into our nation - especially from these warzones in the Middle East.

I'm sure there were many who were uncertain about the direction the United States is going. To start, I had a friend who truly believed America will get screwed with Trump and we'd have been less screwed with Mrs. Clinton. His over the top reaction - and I don't view him as a progressive or liberal or left - certainly does match up with those Hillary Clinton supporters who thought about the worst instincts of Americans who voted for our current President. For example, America is still misogynistic or racist making a vote a black & white indication of the true values an individual holds.

While my vote didn't go to Trump one year ago, let me dispell that notion right now. American's didn't elect our former Secretary of State under President Barack Obama because they were misogynistic or racist, it was more likely because Ms. Clinton didn't really stand for anything. The fact that people supported her and expected her to win was more about the direction they believed America was going. Clinton becoming the first woman elected President showed them that America was more tolerant, but not because she had this great vision to "Make America Great Again".

See what I did there? That need not be only Trump's message - as it turns out enduring message adapted for his current jaunt into Asia plastered onto white hats and presented to the Japanese Prime Minister. Hillary even as a person decidedly a dedicated leftist politician - even for cynical reasons - could make America great with all those wonderful programs that I couldn't tell you what they were. Not because there were none, but nothing sticks out about her.

Another illustration of the expectations of last year and the shockwaves that resulted could be seen in this great SNL sketch that features Dave Chappel & Chris Rock. Chappel's character in this sketch already had some realistic notions far removed from those white progressive Clinton supporters. I shared the video on this blog last year.
With this said I would like to share some tweets that marks this day. I wanted to share some footage from election night 2016, but didn't find anything right away so I'm just giving you the one-year later reactions. And my focus will be on President Trump and Hillary Clinton.
You notice Trump in his competitiveness had to note the electoral college margin. 270 to win it and he crushed with securing 304 electoral votes. Winning a few states that were previously blue - Wisconsin, Michigan & Pennsylvania. What he did in 2016 is nothing to sneeze at and he put in the work to do so.

As for Hillary Clinton she shared this tweet highlighting the fact that Clinton actually won the popular vote last year while Trump won the electoral college vote. And I got wind of this via Gateway Pundit who let's us know that the twitter backlash to this from conservatives was quick.
There you have it. From this day last year to tonight has been an interesting whole year!

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