Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Describing pro wrestling aka sports entertainment

[VIDEO] You know why I thought of this? In the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Cmdr Benjamin Sisko described to some aliens known as "the prophets" the game of baseball. That's the scene you will see above. I like how simply he describes a game that he's passionate about, although the heyday of baseball was hundreds of years in the past. He was born in the wrong century I'd say.

Well I do consider myself a baseball fan although I'm sorry to say once the Cubs had been eliminated from contention, I hardly followed the post-season (where the Boston Red Sox defeated the LA Dodgers in the world series). I guess it's time for me to recognize that I'm just not a huge sports fan although as of late I became far more of a fan of pro-wrestling, especially the "sports entertainment" of WWE. And I'm glad for my subscription to the WWE Network.

Either way if I was in Sisko's shoes how would I describe to the prophets professional wrestling?

Professional wrestling is a performance art that mimics a combat sport such as boxing or mixed martial arts. Often it's a mixture of athleticism and theatrics as most of the performers in wrestling often portray larger than life characters.

The theatrics often is heighted by storylines that either emphasizes personal issues between the performers or often a championship is involved. Often the performers are put into two categories either good guys or babyfaces and bad guys or heels. For the most part in storylines the heels' jobs are to get the babyfaces over. For the most part babyfaces - especially at the main event level - are the ones who are expected to be the faces of a given wrestling promotion.

Most performers have an athletic background. Often they may have played a team sport such as football (which is very common) or they may have a combat sports background. A performer might have a background in mixed martial arts or in a martial art such as karate, judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu etc. Often another background for most performers is in amateur wrestling.

Often the matches are choreographed usually by the performers themselves. Usually the matches will end in a pin fall with the referee counting one-two-three with the wrestler's shoulder on the mat. Or they may end in a submission. Less commonly there may be a disqualification often due to an outside competitor's interference, usage of a foreign object, or other rules infractions.

Finally another part of the theatrics is the promo. Wrestlers often give speeches that usually to promote an upcoming match. Often this promo is given in front of a wrestling audience or usually on the broadcast medium of TV (or perhaps a stream service). The promo often serves to heighten the theatrics of a particular storyline between performers.

I think I wrote more than enough on this subject. Knowing me it's probably still not concise enough. However, I think this explains the "sport" of pro wrestling.

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