Thursday, October 25, 2018

Virtual Railfan: Hooligan is back on the La Plata, MO tracks

[VIDEO] To break up the posts about "sports entertainment" especially with the sad announcement that Roman Reigns had to give up his WWE Universal Title on Monday so that he can take some time off to treat his leukemia, time to share a Virtual Railfan video.

VR has a number of vids featured "hooligan" who's real name is John Misur who has been seen in not only on two occasions in La Plata, Missouri - a live feed you can actually watch on the railcam page. He also has been seen in Barstow & San Juan Capistrano, California.

Often he doesn't seem to have a crowd with him, however, on this recent vid you see above he had a nice crowd with him. His shtick when is the next train, push ups, and then stand behind the yellow line. And let's not forget if you can hear him speak he holds up legible signs for you to read as he puts on his show for those "virtual railfanners". :)

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