Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I still can't believe it #ThankYouRoman

[VIDEO] As I watch SmackDown Live this evening I felt the need to write in long form my thoughts on last nite's Monday Night Raw were Roman Reigns announced that he is again ill with leukemia forcing him to relinquish his WWE Universal Title. I took to twitter immediately when I heard it in a post that didn't go viral but it was a tweet of disbelief. He told us that he had been living with that illness for 11 years and it had returned.

Needless to say as he starts to treat his illness Reigns will take some time off and it'll be time to determine the next Universal Champion. What I rue right now is that while I would salivate over Braun Strowman taking the title he has to go through a longtime former champion in Brock Lesnar. And Lesnar had often been rumored to be returning to UFC so while I don't expect him to regain the title, who knows if WWE will book him to win the title.

Besides there are others who should get the belt for example Seth Rollins, after winning the intercontinental title twice and then winning the tag team titles last nite (where he also got assaulted by his Shield cohort Dean Ambrose) I think Rollins should have the opportunity for the championship. Besides Rollins did hold on two occasions the WWE Championship. So it's time for him to get another world title run. And of course he's shouldn't be the only possibility that I could see is ready for that opportunity.

Anyway I got somewhat distracted here. What about Roman? Well I wish him good health and while the main event picture on the Raw brand would have to be reshuffled I can see the changes happen once he does return. To start after coming out to the WWE Universe on Raw to announce his diagnosis might certainly turn the corner for his character. How can anyone boo him once he returns from his title fight against leukemia?

The first time I knew of him was as one-third of The Shield. And they started off as heels that would swarm against the faces of the WWE and then they themselves would turn against the authorities of the WWE and turn face. And then for various reasons they split and Reigns (who by most accounts was considered the quiet muscle of the trio) began to be pushed as the new face of the WWE. Perhaps the fans sensed this strong push and didn't share the love with Roman. Even worse Reigns didn't always deliver good promos that were probably written for him by the creative team of WWE. [VIDEO]

Of course in the wrestling business the main thing you want from the audience is a reaction. If they won't react to you, then it's certainly going to hurt you in the long run. Besides one of Reign's relatives - The Rock - understood this. The Rock who was once known as Rocky Maivia was this awwschucks type of baby face who loved to smile for the crowd and honestly I probably rooted for him when he debuted. However little did I know back then is that the crowd just responded to him negatively he was getting booed he got his reaction though it wasn't the type that a face should get.

Well eventually The Rock became a heel and changed his persona and became not only the people's champion, but a big time movie actor as well. And who knows Reigns at the right time could make that transition.

I could write more about this, but I want to be sensitive. I suffered from Reigns fatigue because this year it had once too often became the main event Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesner. Reigns finally got the title off of Lesnar and was finally glad to see him take it. So now once Joe successfully beats leukemia again, I look forward to what he does in the WWE Universe once he returns!

BTW, what did he say to fans when he beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. This shows you how the crowd often reacted to Reigns at least before Monday nite. I liked how he just said his one line and then dropped mic and left the ring. If only you could've seen this broadcast live and seen him walk to the back as the broadcast team continued to hype the rest of the evening. [VIDEO]

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