Monday, July 16, 2018

#Raw Hulkamania is back...

[VIDEO] Fitting for this post, the video above I read was the theme for Dave Sullivan in WCW. Sullivan often spelled his name Evad was a huge Hulk Hogan fan and kayfabe brother of heel wrestler Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan had his own stable known as the Dungeon of Doom in WCW. This song isn't great, but it's in my head and that also means you get to enjoy it also!

On Sunday, WWE announced mainly through their social media channels that Hulk Hogan aka Terry Bolea is reinstated in the hall of fame. What does this mean, the "sports entertainment" legend who helped put the World Wrestling Federation on the map during the 1980s is back. Just think the company that made him a household name - to the point where if you know nothing about wrestling you knew who Hogan was - were at odds.

They were at odds over Hogan's use of the N-word. Hints of racism - as Papa John's is learning right now - can prove to be a PR disaster. So as a result of a recording here Hogan used that racial epithet WWE cut ties. However thanks to Hogan's role in the original WWE heyday during the 80s well he's back where most wrestling fans believe he belongs.

Who knows if this means we might see more Hogan on WWE programming or we might not see him as much in the future.

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