Monday, July 16, 2018

Illinois Governor's mansion is reopened

[VIDEO] Over the weekend I've learned that Illinois' Governor's mansion has been reopened to the public. Referred to as the people's house by current Governor Bruce Rauner I do admire the work they have put into the 19th century home. It is one of the three oldest continuously used governor's mansion in the nation. Also it was formerly known at the "executive mansion" until an executive order by none other than Gov. Rauner.

I'm very glad about the work put into this residence which has suffered from neglect over the past decade. For the most part many of Illinois' recent governors have either stayed in Springfield part-time especially with the state legislature in session or they commuted by air to Illinois' capital as former governor Rod Blagojevich had done during his time in office.

Hopefully it will continue to get the "TLC" is deserves. I would credit Gov. Rauner for this, however, he's an unpopular politician at this moment. He did put up some funds and the restoration used private funding.

Now I recognize that it's time to pay Springfield a visit. I've toured Washington even was on a tour of the White House. I've never seen a session of the US Congress, of the Illinois General Assembly, or even of Chicago's City Council. But Springfield I've only passed through on occasion towards other destinations. Perhaps it's time to see how historic that city is, and besides this is the town the 16th POTUS called home before his 1860 election.

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