Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Two state capitols!!!

I was on the Texas Eagle leaving Dallas, Texas last night. On the way back to Chicago I passed through the state capital of Arkansas, Little Rock at about 11:34 PM last night and our state capitol Springfield at about 10:29AM this morning.I want to talk a little more about our Christmas travelling at some point later on. I just want to share these two photographs with you.

Little Rock, Arkansas' capitol dome was draped in Christmas lights. It made it a little easier to spot at night. Otherwise I'm sure I'd have missed it altogether.

And this is the Illinois state capitol in historic Springfield, Illinois. I can't tell if there are any Christmas lights. I even wonder if they drape the dome in lights. This is something that's worth doing.

BTW, I would like to do a special field trip to Springfield, Illinois at some point. I don't know when but I would like to do something when I do for this blog. Hopefully do a little bit more than my vacation last summer in Washington, DC. It'll be fun and I'll be sure to work on it.

I hope everyone had a safe holiday and we got one more to go. Posted by Picasa

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