Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Some of what I missed last nite on #Raw #SDLive

I didn't see much of Monday Night Raw last nite. I saw an amazing WWE Intercontinental championship rematch between former champion Seth Rollins and reigning champ Dolph Ziggler. Incidentally just last week Ziggler defeated Rollins for the championship and it was only one night after Rollins' own title defense against Elias at the Money in the Bank PPV.

What I missed was the wrangling over who might be the No. 1 contender to Brock Lesnar's WWE Universal championship. Wrestling fans really hasn't seen Brock since his match against Roman Reigns at WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble where he retained the title under controversial circumstances. This was a steel cage match and Lesnar's feet was judged to have hit the ringside area first after Roman Reigns speared him through the cage. The controversy actually Reigns' feet hit the floor first, but that judgement stand. It almost makes me wonder if this was an unplanned spot or just plain a botch by either the performers or the referee.

All the same there was supposed to be a multi-man match at the next WWE PPV Extreme Rules. Then Raw GM Kurt Angle announced that the match is canceled due to champ Brock Lesnar backing out of his commitment per a tweet.

In real life I've been hearing that Lesnar is in some negotiations and his current contract is per appearance. Supposedly his next match is supposed to be at SummerSlam in August, but perhaps that is in doubt as of now. Lesnar if you judge by his sporadic appearances on WWE programming in recent years is nothing more than a part-time performer. He does hold a world title in WWE but then as Vince McMahon noted on Raw when Reigns decided to confront him in the back, Lesnar has earned some privileges.

All the same Brock reminds me of how world champions in wrestling used to be portrayed. Perhaps more accurately any main eventer in WWE. You might have rarely seen a Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior or even Bret Hart wrestle during the early 1990s before Monday Night Raw became the "A-show" of the WWF. These were the guys you'd mainly have to pay to see perform on a PPV. Perhaps even in a big show that isn't televised. Of course you would occasionally see them on a show like Superstars or Wrestling challenge at least to drum up interest in a house show or a PPV. Regardless it would be rare to see them on TV wrestling in a regular basis. Unlike how often you might see The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin would defend their championship on Raw or Smackdown during the Attitude Era.

I don't fault Lesnar for his current arrangement especially if he's profiting from it though I'm very much itching for someone to finally take the title from him. I'm tired of hearing the rumors of him wanting to return to UFC so in order to see a change from in the Universal championship picture - as it has been over a year since he gained the title - I hope he does return to the octagon.

I'm beginning to have Reigns fatigue as it seems he's only chasing but not able to actually win the title. And hopefully Seth Rollins himself can get another WWE world championship - he once held the Universal title. And I don't know how I would feel about Braun Strowman - who won a Money in the Bank contract - taking his shot with Lesnar and successfully winning the Universal title. There are some deserving WWE superstars who should have the title whenever Lesnar is booked to lose the title.

Here's the opening segment to last nite's Raw [VIDEO]

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