Tuesday, June 26, 2018

"Ghosting" at work

To be fair I've seen this done in real life though typically a person just simply ghosts when they don't plan to come in anymore. They're usually very young and often temperamental and likely judging the types of jobs they currently have before moving onto a new one.

Of course if they do this to a minimum wage job who's to say they won't do it to a so-called better job. I know they don't have to say what happened to any of their old jobs - or explain it accordingly somehow - of course I figure this can always come back to bite them in the @S$ in the long run.
In fields ranging from food service to finance, recruiters and hiring managers say a tightening job market and a sustained labor shortage have contributed to a surge in professionals abruptly cutting off contact and turning silent — the type of behavior more often associated with online dating than office life. The practice is prolonging hiring, forcing companies to overhaul their processes and tormenting recruiters, who find themselves under constant pressure. “If you don’t love your job [as a recruiter], you’ll beat your head on your desk,” says John Widgren, a recruiter for Central Florida Health, a more than 3,000-employee health system outside Orlando.

Where once it was companies ignoring job applicants or snubbing candidates after interviews, the world has flipped. Candidates agree to job interviews and fail to show up, never saying more. Some accept jobs, only to not appear for the first day of work, no reason given, of course. Instead of formally quitting, enduring a potentially awkward conversation with a manager, some employees leave and never return. Bosses realize they’ve quit only after a series of unsuccessful attempts to reach them. The hiring process begins anew.
Believe me I've been frustrated with job hunting and once on a job with the processes within a company. I would find it inexcusable to engage in this behavior of ghosting, especially during the interview process, during the on-boarding process, or even on the job. I've worked with people who had little idea about the protocol if you will, perhaps this is what we're dealing with full-employment or not.

While I saw this article over the weekend, it just made Instapundit where Glenn Reynolds even comments: "Sorry, but that’s not cool". Yeah it's not!

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