Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Prager U: Is fascism right or left?

[VIDEO] Dinesh D'Souza talks about who was the philospher behind fascism and why after only taking two classes in political philosophy I never heard of this man, Giovanni Gentile. What's being said here well the left wants to keep him buried and forgotten while they can continue to charge their opponents with fascism. As explored in this video, that tactic is really a misdirection.

Since Donald Trump became president in January 2017, I've gotten to know more about these group of violent activists known as "antifa". I've gotten to know about people know as an "SJW" or social justice warrior who are simply people who look for things to complain about.

It's easy to throw around a word that only serves to shut down people you oppose. It also has been used against people whom they vehemently disagree with. Why exactly is Donald Trump and people who support him politically a "fascist"? Has Trump done anything that could be considered fascist?

Since Trump has the tendency to go after the press he considers unfair and has some strong supporters so far, it is possible he can become a dictator? So far I haven't seen that sure many disagree over his immigration policies. Also many disagree over his use of the term America First which many consider a form of fascist though.

Bottom line is that it's very easy to label something especially without knowing what it means. What is a conservative, liberal, libertarian, leftist, socialist, communist, etc? Now that I know the name of Gentile, perhaps I can find some of his writings.

Besides I took two classes in political philosophy at Morehouse and I could study the Communist Manifest, I can study the philosophical underpinings of fascism. And it could be said that yes, we never covered this philosophy of fascism in school. I can't say that Gentile was scrubbed from academic thought, however, it can't be said whether or not in a third political philosophy course that his writings would be covered. And at the same time who's to say I couldn't have written a research paper about him if I heard his name and the theory he wrote about.

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