Thursday, December 07, 2017

50 Shades: Feminism vs. logic

[VIDEO] I've been following this YouTube channel 50 shades for a while now. Basically the focus of these videos are the challenges to SJWs and Feminists. One trademark of these videos images of air horns and the digital sounds they make. Also when a member of those groups get shut down the sounds of windows as a result of an error or a shut down!

If you click link in brackets there are a series of links in the description that shows you the full videos that you see snippets in the video above. The most interesting one is Lauren Southern who confronts women in a march asking them one simple question "women's rights or Islam". No one in this march wanted to really answer this question. They got triggered by Southern's cameraman because he is a man although Southern had to explain that her cameraman had once been an ex-tranny....

It was also good to see Jesse Lee Peterson who we see in two segments and had a chance to see his 35 minute interview with a male feminist. I forgot how very straight forward and outspoken he is especially when wants to call out behavior he can describe as feminine or womanly. He calls out this male feminist accordingly and I'm surprised this doesn't trigger him so kudos to him for taking it!

Anyway back to 50 Shades, the sound effects they use when it comes to a triggering, a point or a shut down makes this videos hilarious. Unfortunately how people just dig in to their points and their beliefs - no matter how left field they are - is what makes these videos. I saw this one video where a woman is asked about fascism but makes an argument talking about businesses and it becomes clear she doesn't know what fascism really is. She gets the windows error treatment for her troubles.

I shared this video with a friend and he says these videos only causes him to lose points on his IQ. I think arguing with people and debating on their tightly held ideas is tiring and I'm sure can give you a headache. I probably wouldn't have the stomach for it.

Oh yeah I saw Peterson taking on SJWs on the streets once and he certainly does his fair share of attacking. I thought Peterson was above this type of activity, however, he shows that he probably occassionaly has the time for some of this foolishness.

BTW, allow me to mention Milo Yiannopoulos he features also in these videos at 50 shades and has the tendency to truly get under people's skin. I never heard of him until learning how some SJWs or perhaps more accurately "antifa" or "anti-fascists" who have started riots trying to prevent him from speaking on some college campuses. I'm not a fan of his because he takes no prisoner's and I know not to take him on at all!

BTW, the stakes might be high on this however I see this video as an entertainment video. It may lower your IQ or it may make you angry and give you a headache. Though if you try not to take this seriously, I hope it makes you laugh.

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