Saturday, May 02, 2015

ABC 7 asks if guns with a silencer are a threat to safety....

Now if you believe this story from Chicago's ABC affiliate, then we know now that silencers aren't the devices we're familiar with from Hollywood. The way Hollywood portrays silencers you might hear a quick sound and probably wouldn't think much of it unless you were close to the target. If someone was to use one in real life you probably could hear a gunshot.

While of course law enforcement is treating this issue as if a dumb criminal could use these to commit crime advocates are emphasizing the safety aspects. If you're shooting a gun for the first time a silencer - or they can also be called suppressors - could help a person with their confidence. A person firing a gun for the first time could find themselves flinching. In another case if you fire a gun that's not suppressed - or "silenced" - you may experience ringing in the ears because of noise.

Regardless, there is a debate in Springfield over this as we learned here is being pushed through by a downstate Democrat. See even in this state is there a divide among Democrats the downstaters have a different agenda than us slicksters from the Chicagoland area.

To be honest I've never fired a gun in my life, however, it had been on my mind to get a conceal carry license. This can be legally done in Illinois even against *SURPRISE* ardent opposition so why not take advantage.

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