Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Time for some more inventory...

Late last year after seemingly taking to this blog to whine and complain about going on interviews with no new job in site I finally found not just one but two new jobs. Even better I finally got a full-time job which was a long-time in coming and happened at least two months into my new job. It's definitely something I'm very stoked about!

Regardless sometimes I tend to over analyze things and now it's time to consider what my future goals are. Me I've often noted my future goals during some of my interviews and one of those goals are breaking into a leadership role in whatever organizations I work. Then another goal that may or may not happen more than being a manager may be going back to school.

And at that go back to school for what. I've had a long desire to do graduate studies in political science but a friend asked if I had any experience. Aside from doing blogs that often deal with politics I have no real world experience. This blog and The Sixth Ward are just one of many blogs that talks politics whether locally or federally. So it's time to figure that out.

I've thought about law or business school. There are quite a few cases of interested such as one out of Chicago that I got tuned into recently that requires the touch of a lawyer. And of course business granted you don't need to go to school to become an entrepreneur but I've often lamented the fact that in all the years in school I never took any classes in business skills. Meaning no marketing, book keeping or accounting courses. There is this one lone business law class at Morehouse.

Regardless another issue is to figure out how to pay for it. Loans at least until I pay my current students loans off are out of the question for the moment. Hopefully in the future I can make good money and afford tuition.

Other than that time to start thinking about these goals and plan to make them.

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