Saturday, December 06, 2014

Civil rights 2.0

You know right now on that front people are stirred up about what happened with Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York. Groups around the nation are engaging in acts of civil disobedience to bring attention to the unfortunate deaths of those two individuals in the hands of police.

To be sure, it's great to know that whatever the cause it's truly great to know how passionate many Americans are about these two cases. I have an opinion of them that have been shared here, however, other than some video evidence or even some eyewitness testimony I'll never really know what really happened. And unfortunately Brown and Garner aren't able to speak up for themselves.

Regardless, people are passionate in their beliefs that those two men deserve justice and that we must recognize that they have rights before their deaths. So at this point the debate is whether or not it was the right call to let those police officers off the hook legally in these deaths.

While I definitely could side with the officer involved in the Michael Brown shooting the case of Garner well that deserves more than the slap on the wrist than that officer got. A man died and apparently some of his last words showed that well the officers should've relented and yet he died. Even if he may have been cleared that shouldn't end the matter in my opinion.

Regardless there is a reason why I titled this post as I had.

It seems activism as being seen today has been reminiscent of the civil rights movememnt. For quite a while I had been convinced that this movement has been dying. It seemed to have been the province of those who had been fighting the stuggle way back when.

Americans have been passionate about many things over the years. Pick a subject government spending, right to bear arms, race relations, civil rights, integration, the fairness of business practices, privacy, etc. American's clearly want to make the nation as fair and safe for everyone as possible.

It's easy for me to dismiss these protests as being stirred up by race hustlers. Perhaps now we're seeing a new generation of activists taking their new roles and speaking up for what's right. My only hope is that they learn the lessons of those who came before them and ensure that that their activism truly results in changes that makes our land more fair and safe for everyone!

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