Friday, November 08, 2013

Powerful presentations

[VIDEO] Last night expecting to find Hannity instead was a special program My Hope America featuring Billy Graham and some other individuals who offered testimony about their lives and ultimately their belief in God. It was a good program and very compelling and sadly was watching it while on the PC.

In spite of the bible verse you see at the top of this blog, this place is a long way from being religious. To be sure I believe in God, there are a lot of unproven ideas of how this universe came to be and can't believe a big-bang merely created this existence. In fact, perhaps it was merely a miracle.

Well, the presentation seen in Hannity's time slot was interesting and very positive. Americans ought to see people turn their lives around and not merely find success in their careers or whatever. We want to see them turn their lives around in other ways and that can include spiritually

If believing in a religion or a higher power gets you to a different level in your lives. If it takes you away from a life of crime or if it gets you out of bad relationships, that's very positive and very powerful. If it keeps you from making a drastic decision in your life that won't just change your life forever but those around you, a presentation like this is powerful.

I decided while playing on the PC to read up on Graham using good ole Wikipedia. I had little idea that he was in some ways involved in the Civil Rights Movement. He even had to bail brother Dr. Martin Luther King out of jail a few times. And on top of that started preaching revivals to integrated audience of Blacks & whites. Now I respect him more, because he too wanted an American of many people equal and preached to that America.

In writing this now I see why this aired Thursday night, Graham just celebrated his 95th birthday. Wow! Did faith allow him to become 95? And it seems he's still not slowing down, and will still preach the word even if it turns out he may have preached his final sermon.

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