Sunday, December 02, 2012

Capitalism, Part 3

I've been talking a lot about capitalism lately, but to be honest I haven't spent a lot of time reading up on the subject. There's one book that anyone should read up and that's Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations and if you're lucky you can read that book for free thanks to the public domain! :P

Anyway it's one thing to philosophize about capitalism with all of it's benefits and faults, but it's absolutely another to actually practice it. That realization came to a eureka moment!

When I was in high school all the way through my college years there was one thing I failed to do, take a business course. In high school my counselor seemed interested in having me take another social studies my mistake was in rolling with it. It might have been in my best interest to take a bookkeeping/accounting class and it was something of interest, but it never happened for me for some reason.

I've spend a number of years in college starting off at a local community college and then of course attending Morehouse. During my time in college I never considered taking any business courses as my career goals still hadn't been determined and business struck me as very intimidating. When I was at Morehouse the least I did as far as a basic business course was in business law. It would've done me good to take an accounting course or two but I never did.

Now here's my eureka moment, would it do our young people a great service to require them to take some type of business class before they graduate high school. Just give them an intro course to business that teaches them all aspects of business especially accounting. That way, they will still have learned some business skills and hopefully it will serve them well when they start looking for a job which they will have to do at some point.

Perhaps there ought to be other classes before they leave high school if they want to take it further. Then of course there is college and they can take some basic courses electives permitting or they may choose to major in a business discipline. Hopefully if they excel in these endeavors the young people won't have a problem in their future careers.

Besides no matter where you go in your career - such as academia, church, science, government, politics, etc. - business skills are necessary. You must know where the money is going and how to manage resources. Also operations have to be able to continue operating and business skills could help that.

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