Monday, December 03, 2012

"Star Trek into Darkness" poster

Hmmmm, a poster is nice. And you can tell somewhat it's Star Trek. Too bad I'm in the mode of wanting to find out more about the movie before it's released. All the same for every Star Trek movie that is to be released I'm always optimistic. Very much looking forward to seeing the finished product and hopefully we will see this poster in a cinema near you.

BTW, according to TrekMovie this evokes the initial poster for The Dark Night Rises. Basically the bat symbol carved amongst some skyscrapers. In this case the Star Trek symbol carved into a building or a bulkhead with a man standing on some of the wreckage. Hopefully we'll find out what this all symbolizes although I recognize that this imagery we won't likely see in the movie.

ALSO, check out the official website for the new movie @

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