Saturday, December 01, 2012

What's the deal with the Illinois GOP, part 2?

[VIDEO] And also Jeff Berkowitz is interviewing the Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party Pat Brady. They also talk about the implications of the last election. And yes Brady is right they did gain two executive offices and the US Senate seat. Alas they lost more members of the General Assembly and the Democrats have supermajorities and also they couldn't win the Governor's office in 2010. Also the gains made in Congressional seats in 2010 undone in addition to not being able to really have some say in the redistricting in district lines statewide and congressional throughout the state.

Too bad this program didn't air around the time the state Republican Party website went down!

BTW, Brady offered to resign after the losses suffered by this state's Republican party in 2012 but somehow he remains on the job. Who knows perhaps they realize this is a rebuilding period, but perhaps there's no one else ready to step up in the interim.

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