Friday, November 30, 2012

What's the deal with the Illinois GOP?

[VIDEO] Been quite a while since we've heard from Jeff Berkowitz in these parts. He talks to Dan Proft and this interview aired this week on Illinois Channel. Proft is a Chicago radio host and in 2010 a Republican candidate for Governor and he's with Berkowitz to discuss the future of the Republican brand in this state.

To bounce off of this subject, this past weekend I sent a tweet to the Illinois Republican Party asking them what happened to their website. Basically over the weekend their website was down and by Monday their site was back up. I already knew that this state's Republicans are in bad shape but hopefully not bad enough shape that they couldn't keep their website up!

Needless to say in light of this month's general election that the Republican Party in this state and nationally has some soul searching. Next January, the General Assembly will see a Democratic supermajority and there is bellyaching about the Republican caucus who's leadership largely hasn't changed. Many say it needs to but no one stepped up in the House and the one who stepped up in the Senate lost his bid.

Also a former Governor, Jim Edgar, talked about the recent GOP campaign of repudiating our house speaker. It doesn't appear he agrees with that campaign and obviously it didn't get them anywhere this year.

Now, I could attribute this to my own idea that Republicans suck. That's an oversimplification of course, but they're just not that competitive in this state. It's been like that for over a decade and it needs to change. In a recent article from Reason, Illinois is compared to California as we're both essentially one-party states. However, Illinois is said to have worse financial issues that California and the "Sunshine State" is up there as far as financial woes.

The question to ask here is how did Republicans become as ineffective in California as they seem to be here in this state?

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