Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Took this shot of a teacher's strike march near Clark/Jackson

UPDATE 4:12 PM Newsalert linked to this post and also shares this Chicago Mag article from Feb. 2012 about TIFs.

I wonder if the above display at the head of a parade yesterday during day two of the Chicago Teacher's Union (CTU) strike in downtown Chicago detracts from the last two issues that Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and the CTU are at loggerheads on. Should they really have signs taking on the 1%?

At large rallies such as these, there are bound to be those who have various agendas. Different messages certainly different from what these rallies are really all about. Instead of thinking about our young people who need to be in class, we have signs at these events talking about the 1%.

BTW, if you're not sure what are TIFs they are Tax Increment Financing districts which have long been a controversial issue in Chicago. As a matter of fact one issue with TIFs is that they take money away from the schools for the purposes of redeveloping impoverished neighborhoods. And protest TIFs when talking about our students who needs extra resources especially if they are of a low income background is more than appropriate.

But, why the reference to the 1%? While I'm very sure this isn't part of the overall message, this could've lost me. I want very much to support the sincere efforts of Chicago's teachers to educate our young people in difficult circumstances whether from their life out of school or even in the classrooms. My hope is that they stay focus on that very important issue as they continue to negotiate with CPS.

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