Thursday, September 06, 2012

It's Obama vs. Romney, the conventions are over!

I watched as many of the events of the Republican and Democratic conventions as I could these last two weeks. We see most of the differences between the two partys in how they conduct their conventions and usually they set the tone for the coming campaign which is about to start in earnest.

We know the Republicans are going to talk most about jobs, then again I don't really recall much of their convention about what they represent. Jobs and the economy are good topics for this campaign because it will rest on whom the American people can trust to turn the economy around.

At the same time I feel like I got a better sense of what the Democrats represent. The Dems have always sought to show how inclusive they are. We see that we their vignette on the women who serve in the US Senate. They certainly talk about the inclusiveness of Blacks, hispanics, or even gays.

The only sore spot it seemed with the Democrats was when they voted to include God and Jerusalem in their platform. In some footage, I saw some Dems some in that shot had some Arab-American Democrat signs and there was a man who obviously showed his displeasure over adding this language to the platform. When they did a voice vote, it almost seemed equally passionate what the delegates wanted to vote for this plank.

BTW, I should answer those who think there is no different between either of the parties. It's OK to be cynical about the political system, especially since it seems nothing is getting done these days in any hall of power. This is certainly a cynical time in American history and the coming Presidential election has appeared to me a close election as I'm not so sure voters are happy with the current President and unsure about the GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Only time will tell if either candidate will appear able to win this election. At the end of the Republican convention last week I saw that some of the delegates weren't solidly behind Romney. Perhaps the President has more rank & file Democrats behind him than Romney as rank & file Republicans. Again there's at least two months before the general election. Let's see who will get the edge in November!

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