Wednesday, September 05, 2012

VIDEO: Batman - Schumacher vs Nolan

[VIDEO] I just watched Batman Begins again this weekend. So in keeping with that theme we see a mash-up of scenes from Batman & Robin (1997) directed by Joel Schumacher and scenes from the first two films of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy (Batman Begins & The Dark Knight). Some of the comments for this video says this is an unfair fight as no scenes from Batman Forever has been included. It was also directed by Schumacher and some will contend was a superior movie to Batman & Robin.

Watching the juxtaposition of Batman & Robin and the first two Nolan directed Batman films makes the Schumacher film look awful in more ways than one!

You know one day, I should just pop in the first three Batman films in the old VCR. Yes I do mean Batman, Batman Returns, & Batman Forever. They weren't too bad and yes what this means is that I'm not interested in ever buying Batman & Robin!

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