Tuesday, August 16, 2011

These are what I have in mind as far as tablet devices.

First, I've played around the iPad a lot since the 2nd generation was released earlier this year. May have no idea about many of its inner workings but so far I have little expectation of not on this device but the other devices below. The one thing that would keep me from buying this device is the price tax. Even the entry-level device is pricey to me.

Second, there's the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0" it's as easy to use as the iPad. I only know this because I dropped by a Best Buy to play around with it. But only after reading an entry over at Instapundit, which basically talks about how Apple wants to prevent it's sale in Europe. Another notch in its favor is price at $349! There is another Galaxy Tab 10.1" much larger than the 7.0". Also the 7.0" has buttons while the 10.1" is totally touch screen.
Finally the BlackBerry PlayBook. The only knock at first is ease of use. I had to search far and wide for a Best Buy to find one I could play with. Took me awhile to figure out how to minimize certain programs so that I can access others. It takes a certain stroke to be able to go from program to program so that is certainly a negative. I do have still like being able to synch information between the PlayBook and BlackBerry phone. That is certainly a plus. Still this device costs as much as a WiFi only iPad. One major notch in its favor is tethering for internet access to the cell phone. Could use some improvements hardware-wise. Especially buttons for ease of use.

If only I could have all three!

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