Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trump for President

While a successful businessman I now see Donald Trump as an entertainer thanks to his foray into "reality TV". He's got The Apprentice where he "fires" people who fail to complete a given task. It can be fun to watch, but at times it's a bit lame.

Anyway, Trump is making a foray into politics now thanks to his celebrity as the host of a "reality TV" program and as a successful businessman. Recently he's taken a lot of shots at Obama and at that on the issue of whether or not he was born in this nation. Personally I would rather he takes shots at our President for the direction this country is going and Trump should leave the birth certificate question alone.

BTW, did you know Trump hadn't voted in a primary since 1989:
The New York City Board of Elections says Donald Trump hasn't voted in any primary elections for more than 21 years.

The board says the last time the possible Republican presidential candidate voted in a primary election was in the 1989 primary for mayor. That's when Rudy Giuliani beat businessman Ronald Lauder.

He also skipped the 2002 general election.
His lawyer Michael Cohen said Saturday that "for one of the greatest international businessmen who travels all over the country and the world, his voting record is very, very good."
Meh, that doesn't really matter to me all that much. I just know there are those out there like CBS News who might care about this. I think Trump has more baggage than this.

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