Monday, January 17, 2011

All that crying last month and he's still coming to Chicago

Remember when such Black luminaries in this town such as Congressman Danny Davis, former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun (CMB) and even Jesse Jackson Sr. were all upset about the former "1st Black President" was coming to town to stump for Rahm Emanuel? Well President Clinton is coming anyway according to Greg Hinz:
Despite protests from some African-American leaders, former President Bill Clinton apparently is going ahead with a trip here to push Rahm Emanuel's campaign for mayor.

   The ex-president will appear at a rally for Mr. Emanuel on Tuesday at the Chicago Cultural Center, according to Mr. Emanuel's campaign. He also will appear at a nearby fundraiser that hotel scion and investor J. B. Pritzker is hosting.

   News of the event leaked out several weeks ago, drawing protests from then-candidate Danny Davis and others who said that Mr. Clinton — sometimes known as America's first black president — ought not to be getting involved in Chicago.
What some of this was about is fear that Clinton, who may well still have a following among Blacks in the nation, would take something away from the "consensus" Black mayoral candidate. Davis is out of the race so the only major name in the race is CMB. While there is a long way between now and next month's election day, it can basically be said that CMB may not be a huge factor in this municipal election.

That clears the way for Clinton to come to town and stump for a former member of his administration.

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