Saturday, May 29, 2010

New CTA rail cars temporarily sidelined

It seems they've found a problem with the new trains already. They have been in regular passenger service since late April. Currently they've been running along the CTA Green Line. I've had a chance to ride them several times when they were running along the Red Line:
Vibrations were affecting a component in the braking system, CTA engineers found. The vibrations could possibly cause the "slack adjuster'' in the brake to loosen and result in a loss of braking friction during extended use. The slack adjuster makes accommodations for the amount of wear on the brake pads over time.

There have been no cases of brake failure, officials said. They added that they have known about the issue for months and were waiting for a replacement part from Bombardier Transit Corp., which manufactured the 10 prototype trains the CTA has been testing.

"The new part is ready now,'' CTA spokeswoman Noelle Gaffney said.

CTA officials said they expected the rail cars to resume passenger service on the Green Line in a few weeks after the adjustments are made and the trains are tested without any passengers on board.
Before the CTA orders more of these new railcars they have to be tests on the entire L system. I like these cars, but I think I can live without the longitudinal seating.

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