Monday, May 24, 2010

Black Hawks sweep Sharks advance to Stanley Cup finals

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In recent weeks even the Chicago Tribune have been expressing their Black Hawks pride. The Indian feathers adorn the Tribune's Old English typeface logo. In addition Black Hawks games are seen on WGN Channel 9 or WGN America in addition to their regular radio home on WGN 720 AM.

Anyway time for the highlights for game 4. Unlike for most of the games in the series against San Jose I was able to watch at the very least the last two periods of this game. It would've been sweet if this game ended after sudden death overtime, but instead the Hawks scored an empty-net goal in the 3rd period. That was when the announcers at WGN Radio got very excited and said that the Hawks are going to the Stanley Cup finals!

BTW, at the very top of the sidebar is a Black Hawks "W" flag. It's similar to the "W" you might see for the Chicago Cubs only with the all too familiar Indian Feathers, similar in design to the Hawks' current Indian Head logo. It's there to commemorate the Hawk's Western Conference Finals victory yesterday. So today you won't see that image in a post. It is linked to an article about yesterday's game from the official Hawks website ABC News.

Now I just wish I could find an image that commemorates the Hawk's Western Conference title. Although it hopefully I can replace it with an image of a Stanley Cup title image.

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