Sunday, April 18, 2010

The new A-Team movie trailer

Or click here for the trailer

The movie is going to resemble the original TV series. People may still have a hang-up over the recasting of BA Baracus, but I got to say I don't mind him at all. Although I really think he'd do Mr. T a disservice by attempting to imitate him. Everyone else is exactly as I would expect them. Otherwise I can tell from the action of the trailer.

The last line of dialogue in the trailer, man if Dwight Schultz had said that it would've been very believable! It's said by a different actor, but that's the Murdoch I remember!!! BA when he sees his van crushed well I think I could live without his reaction. Or could I?

The van will similar to the TV series and man I like the worm shots the series was known for. That van is going to go airborne and the camera will be right on the ground when it finally lands.

The sad thing is, this might be the second movie I have seen in the past year. The last one Star Trek was also a remake of a TV series. While people may not be able to get over recasting BA Baracus I had to get over other actors playing my favorite Star Trek characters.

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